Reader Input: Fear mongers drive campaigns

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I don’t know about all your readers, but this reader is admittedly on information overload.
The really sad part is who or what to believe. In this presidential election alone, we will be bombarded with nearly $1 billion in campaign rhetoric, a staggering amount!
What could we have done with just half of that money if it went to a truly worthwhile and credible cause? Of course, there are those readers who will argue that all this crazy spending is worthwhile. Really?
The mere fact that it takes two years and $1 billion to elect a president speaks volumes about what our society has become — a polarized ideological populace that too frequently is looking to blame someone else for our problems.
The fear mongers drive these campaigns, by threats of socialism or being destroyed by the banks and big corporations. For God’s sake, can we just get the 15 percent on each end of the spectrum to just shut up and quit yelling Chicken Little slogans?
Our government is gridlocked in confrontation instead of cooperation. Political strategy is simply to divide and concur.
That is our fault, because we let it continue.
Steve Laskey, Auburn