Reader Input: Fed up with our legislators

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We are about to go off the economic cliff and all the folks that we have sent to Washington D.C. just want to argue and play the old blame game.

I for one am fed up with all of them; each and every one of them regardless of party, conservative or liberal.

We send these so-called educated individuals to represent. They are supposed to be well educated and able to negotiate and keep the interest of the people first, but instead they get into the old game of party politics and put the ones that got them there at the bottom.

Are they hung up on the mind think of the goofy yelling talk show idiots? Again, I see both sides at fault and therefore will not vote to re-elect anyone who is in office.

It would be nice if this was read all the way from (Tom) McClintock to Obama. I personally request that McClintock read this in the next congressional session, that is if they even hold one in time.

Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn