Reader Input: Fire fee battle practically lost

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I feel as though those of us who have been forced to pay the illegal fire tax are fighting a losing battle (“$150 fire fee fight gears up again in state Legislature,” Journal, Dec. 6).

While I certainly appreciate the efforts of Ted Gaines (R-Rocklin) and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association to fight this unfair tax, with a super-majority Democrat Legislature, I fear this is only the beginning of ever more taxes that will be foisted upon us.

I did fill out the triplicate forms to show why I should not have to pay this tax, along with a letter to explain fully why I oppose it. I doubt that the Board of Equalization or Cal Fire really cares that I am already taxed for fire protection and that my property is located within a fire district, or that I have installed professional-grade irrigation on my six-acre homestead, along with building a deep pond and paying for N.I.D. water for my property.

I have also had trees trimmed and removed and my land is cleared — none of which will matter to them as long as they can pick my pockets again for something I have already been taxed for.

But, the people of California wanted a full majority of tax-and-spend union-backed Democrats to push us even further off the edge of any semblance of fairness in either taxation or, heaven forbid, spending cuts.

It’s just a shame that those of us who do the right thing will be punished by the Democrats and the fools who voted them in as a “super majority.”

Donna McCloskey, Auburn