Reader Input: Fire station’s help a blessing

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When we think back on an eventful year, we have many blessings to count.
One very big one is the assistance we received from the Higgins Fire Station personnel at Combie Road and Highway 49.
My husband, Tom, had a nasty accident with his table saw in our garage in January and needed immediate medical attention. A friend of ours was with him at the time and they decided to drive to the hospital in Auburn. Our friend’s wife and I were walking and they picked us up as they passed us on the road.
We decided it made sense to stop at the fire station first.
As soon as we pulled up they were out the door before we hardly had time to get out of the car. As it turned out the ambulance was across the street, so it was a very short amount of time before he was en route to the hospital.
He was taken first to Sutter Roseville and from there on to San Francisco for microsurgery on his hand. He has recovered very well with some excellent therapy help from Laurie Meadows at American River Rehabilitation in Auburn.
We’d like to thank the firefighters and medical personnel for their calm professionalism and caring assistance, and all whose job it is to help.
You are appreciated for the service you give to the community. Happy holidays.
Tom and Kay Law, Lake of the Pines