Reader Input: Fire truck show laid on too thick

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I would like answers to this comment, but I’m not holding my breath till I get them.
I and my wife were entering the parking area at the Roseville Shopping Center when all the traffic stopped. We and everyone heard sirens coming from everywhere.
Here come the fire trucks from every direction. One truck was long and couldn’t make the turn into the parking lot. There were six others and at least two ambulance vehicles. We finally made it to the parking lot. I wanted to see where the fire was. As I was getting out of my car, more fire trucks showed up.
I asked a guy standing there, “Where’s the fire?” He said, “some lady fell in the parking lot.”
My questions are: 1) Do we have too many fire trucks? 2) Mismanagement? 3) Are they trying to spend their budget money? 4) Why the big show? 5) Are they bored?
It seems to me the more tax money we give to the fire department, the more fire trucks we see in the parade.
All the taxpayers want from the fire department is “Please,” put the fire out before their house is a total loss.