Reader Input: First, an apology

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I was taken aback by the negative responses to my recent letter (“Writer should sleep well,” March 22).
I didn’t spend the time necessary for deleting my more egregious statements. For this I apologize. No one needs to be bowled over by a runaway mouth.
Having said that, it’s interesting that not one of my detractors bothered to answer my question, which was the point of my letter.
Having an arsenal which is admired by most nations in the hands of private citizens (protected by the only one of our Bill of Rights that hasn’t been shredded) for the expressed purpose of keeping the government from confiscating them, why the constant drumbeat to protect a right you have in spades? This deserves at least some little thought.
It’s also curious that in the fallout of carnage from Columbine, Aurora, Virginia Tech, Newtown and many, many others, there exists no balance of thought between upholding the Second Amendment and the savage carnage resultant.
Ed Scotten, Colfax