Reader input: Flat tax is a better option

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Patrick Stelmach is well-intentioned but poorly informed. He seeks “fairness” for all no knowing certain facts,
Our current tax code is over 75,000 pages long. How can that be fair to anyone? Sadly enough, much of the tax code was written as favors to elected officials’ friends in exchange for —who knows?
There is a bill in Congress right now that would establish a flat tax paid by consumers at the point of consumption. It would eliminate federal income taxes for individuals and corporations. It sits because too many members of Congress realize that they would lose leverage over campaign contributors.
Incidently, this bill is about 100 pages long. Simple is always better.
This bill would also lead to huge savings to taxpayers with the elimination of the IRS. This new code would provide all funding required to run our government. Those employees could be put to work in areas where help is really needed.
Wayne F. Davis, Rocklin