Reader Input: Founding fathers used foresight

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The Dec. 30 letter purported to be from John Sisson (“Gun ownership? Yes, but with controls”) demonstrates the need for research and critical thinking covered in my letter of Dec. 23 (“Tyrants fear the intelligent.”) My letter was aimed at correcting ignorance and identifying liars. Intelligence does not always correct ignorance, particularly if agenda-driven or associated with laziness.
The Sisson letter is a summary of the old lies and exaggerations that come from anti- gun groups. The legislation he desires has been tried and failed (Canadian Gun Registry; microstamping trials). And “well regulated” in the parlance of those times means “standardized firearms/ammunition.” The references to ammunition reveal a remarkable ignorance of the availability of ammunition and of munitions laws and terminology.
His comments about gun registration also indicate whoever wrote this letter probably is not a citizen of California, has not purchased a firearm in California and has not contacted the DOJ regarding sales of firearms and retention of records. His total disregard of the financial costs to make his perfect world is also remarkable.
I do not take pleasure in pointing out the methods and lies of the anti-gun, agenda-driven. But we are facing multiple irrational and organized attempts to neutralize our side. No lie is too old to use and no additional costs to gun owners too large to consider.
However, gun owners and the NRA can take pleasure in knowing that we are doing our small part to educate the younger generation with regards to firearms/laws/safety and the need to guard against any threats to our “Arsenal of Democracy.”
We, in fact, “enjoy and own guns” because we can afford to use them and do so in a safe and responsible fashion under the protection afforded by the Second Amendment. This Amendment again confirms the foresight of our founding fathers.
Walter F. Drysdale, M.D., Auburn