Reader Input: Fox belongs on school board

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In a recent letter to the editor, an innuendo was made by a former superintendent that “having an axe to grind” and a “hidden agenda” were the main reasons Dennis Fox was a Placer Union High School board candidate.
In my opinion, these accusations are completely false. Dennis understands that every school board member should have an agenda that ensures decisions made by district administrators have the best interests of students, teachers, parents and the taxpayers of the community in mind.
Dennis has had a 35-year career teaching science at both the high school and junior college level, as well as having four of his children graduate from Placer High School.
Having been a colleague of his, I am well aware of how deeply Dennis feels about maintaining a quality educational environment for both students and teachers.
In responding to these false accusations, I find it ironic that the former superintendent supported the teaching of critical thinking skills, but apparently is uncomfortable with the thought of a new board member using these same skills to evaluate future district-level decisions.
I am confident that Dennis Fox will ask the difficult questions that are a necessary component of a good, healthy decision-making process without causing acrimony. Concerned parents, students, dedicated teachers and taxpayers in the Placer Union High School District deserve a strong, effective school board.
As a retired teacher with 35 years experience at Placer High School, I urge all voters to join me in supporting Dennis Fox.
DOUGLAS STRYKER, retired Placer High School teacher, Auburn