Reader Input: Gain peace via strength

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The Soviet Union was defeated through strength without firing a shot.
Ronald Reagan, at that time before the collapse of the Soviet Union, had put in Cruise and Pershing missiles into Europe with nuclear warheads and pointed them right at Moscow. Their huge antiquated military machine may have collapsed because of that move by Reagan.
I don’t think the present leader of North Korea would really try anything knowing that there are at least two B-2 Stealth bombers that each have the capability of carrying 16 nuclear weapons and being able to drop them at different locations without being detected by radar.
I am sure the North Korean generals realize that if one of their weapons was fired and went off, they would be vaporized along with their families and it would be all over for them in a matter of hours. That is peace through strength.
There is back channel communication going on with North Korea through the United Nations. It has been that way for a long time, most people are not aware of that. Some people believe that this latest event may even be an aversion to get our eyes off Iran. You begin to wonder how smart our politicians really are.
Richard Lutzoff, Auburn