Reader input: Get facts right on Pope Francis

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Re: Visual Viewpoint, Sunday, April 15, Defamation of Pope Francis
The “cartoon” of Pope Francis and the alleged “chickens coming home to roost” was offensive to myself and any fair-minded person who may have seen it. A few minutes of research would have quickly shown that these are false allegations. The rest of the media grabbed the story, which was fed to the media by one Horacio Vertibiski, a political agitator who has made a point of spreading these lies about the current pope from his homeland in Argentina for decades.
Below find quotes from people who were there and witnessed first hand that not only did Archbishop Bergoglio not collaborate with the dictatorships in power at the time, but he actively opposed them. I don’t mind fair reporting of the failures of my church, but to spread calumny is wrong.
Tom Huckins, Auburn