Reader input: Get rid of the gridlock in both parties

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The Republican Party is usually the party of physical discipline; the Democratic Party is more a party of compassion, but not much in physical discipline. I believe both parties play a very important roll in government and it does not look like either party is going anywhere anytime soon. Each party has its own strengths and weaknesses and neither party is going to have it all its own way. In times past things seemed to work better. What happened? They need to get out of divorce court and reconcile their difference like a husband and wife team, that might take some convincing, but it would be a lot more effective than the gridlock we have today. You can disagree with your spouse, but in a good marriage, in the name of peace you will work hard to settle your differences and move on, and the next day will bring on new challenges of its own. The blame game with Congress is wearing very thin. We the American people are ultimately responsible. We have the power to hold Congress’ feet to the fire. We just need to use it. There is no way either party is going to have a love fest with each other, but at least they can establish some common ground and build bridges instead of blockades. We need to put some air back into that congressional vacuum. In Congress, both parties are capable of making hard decisions, they have done it before. What they need is encouragement. The American People have the power to do that, by letting Congress know how we really feel. The best way of course is by voting the deadbeat ones out of office.   
Richard Lutzoff, Auburn