Reader Input: Give more gym scholarships

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Re: Exercise regimen offers scholarship opportunity, Dec. 16: People all over Auburn are looking for ways to earn scholarships. The Auburn Racquet Club is helping students have a chance at a scholarship while helping them get fit at the same time.
It’s great to see Placer High and the Auburn Racquet Club team up to encourage students in this exercise challenge. However, I believe this type of exercise scholarship program should be duplicated at as many Auburn gyms as possible. More people of the younger generation could use this opportunity to stay in shape and achieve their goal of going to college.
In addition, I think this program gives students a way to try new types of fitness programs that they may not try otherwise — such as spin, circuit training, aerobics and dance. When people exercise with their friends, the workout could be more fun and they will want to go to the gym more often.
For participating gyms, the fitness scholarship program could be a great way to get more members and showcase all of their great programs.
More members would mean more dollars going into their business and help them become more successful. A stronger business also makes the local economy healthier. This is a great program for students and businesses alike.