Reader Input: Give in spirit of giving man

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Re: “Auburn man helps global group provide shelter from storm,” Journal, Dec. 5, 2012:
Auburn is very lucky to have a person like Alan Young. It’s amazing that someone would donate so much of their time to help those struck by natural disaster since he took a six-month training program in England.
It is amazing to have a volunteer for ShelterBox since there are only 200 volunteers worldwide. There should be more since there are so many natural disasters. It was very nice of the Rotary club to give him $1,000 and donate 33 boxes since the boxes cost $1,000 each (a tent, a stove and different necessary items).
Young has been doing things to help other people for a very long time (he is a retired Marine and firefighter), and first heard of ShelterBox when he was helping with the disaster in Haiti. It is great that someone would spend almost their whole life helping others.
People should donate more  to ShelterBox. The people who do get affected by them are very lucky to have an organization like ShelterBox and volunteers like Alan because they don’t have to sleep outside after a disaster. Thanks. Alan!
SARAH MARTIN, student, Auburn