Reader Input: Give witchcraft a wide berth

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Re: “Longtime witch makes plea for understanding,” Journal, Sept. 30.

I believe the whole witchcraft belief shouldn’t be practiced at all because it involves using negative energy at all times.

With it being a pagan religion, I don’t understand how one can both practice Wiccan beliefs and believe in God at the same time.

I did some research the other day and found out that the magic used in witchcraft involves “white magic” and “black magic,” which is associated with evil and Satanism.

My concern for this is that while people are choosing to believe in Satan, they are also choosing to go against God.

Although I think that practicing Wiccan beliefs is a bad choice, reflecting on you in every way, I also believe that everyone has a free will and they can choose to practice or believe whatever they want to. Problem is, God, himself, gave us that option.

My opinion on this is that the Wiccan beliefs shouldn’t be practiced on a daily basis. It shouldn’t even be practiced at all. This new introduction to Auburn should be kept to itself. S-h-h-h-h-h!