Reader Input: Good luck seceding

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To all the states that are seceding from the United States: We respect your conviction and your choice to self-govern, and we will not hinder you in any way.

Couple of things:

1. We will be setting up border crossing protocols immediately. Anyone crossing from your country into the U.S. will need a valid passport issued by your country with a temporary U.S. visa.

2. Funding for all infrastructure improvements (i.e. bridges, roads, etc) will be stopped immediately.

3. Education funding will stop immediately. This should present no hardship, since it has been very sparsely used in your previous state of statehood.

4. Social Security checks will stop, effective immediately. Current recipients can reapply. It will be determined by our courts whether foreigners can receive benefits from the U.S. system.

5. There will be no further farm, fishery, or mineral subsidies, nor any other subsidies of any kind. Should your country have exports that are marketable in the U.S., we will be glad to talk with you about import tariff amounts and agreements.

6. You will want to give consideration to your armed forces to insure the integrity of your borders. This is especially important if you have a coastline, since neither the U.S. Navy nor Coast Guard will patrol those areas in the future.

Good luck and best wishes to you all. Let us know how it goes.

Wayne Manning, North Auburn