Reader Input: Gordy Ainsleigh deserves votes

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I have known Gordon Ainsleigh for 15 years. The range of his involvement in the community continually surprises me.
I see him picking up road kills and trash off our roads, and planting and caring for trees all over. Recently, Gordy finally succeeded in getting the Auburn State Recreation Area rock quarry opened to climbers. This will bring many people and much revenue to Auburn for the best year-round climbing venue in Northern California.
I especially appreciate Gordy’s efforts for the Ashley Dog Park. The need was glaringly obvious, but my conversations with Gordy raised a secondary purpose, supported by law enforcement, for the dog park being located at Ashford Park. The park’s restrooms were being used as a meeting place for male sexual activity. I observed numerous cars coming and going with the sole purpose of using the restrooms. This made the park unsafe for children.
I attended the ARD meeting that voted in the dog park at Ashford Park. I became a daily user of the park the next day, and helped build this first-rate dog park.
Initially, lone males still waited until dog owners left the park at dark to use the restroom. As Gordy predicted, this use of the restrooms has declined to almost nothing. Gordy played a crucial role in the Ashley Dog Park’s creation and continued success. Gordon Ainsleigh deserves to be re-elected to the ARD board.
Steven Phetteplace, Colfax