Reader input: Gun control is a huge mistake

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Assault rifle control is all wrong. Assault rifles should be open to the public with limited restrictions. It’s not the gun that kills the people. It is the person using the gun that’s in control. If Congress puts more laws on gun control, then more and more people would be put in jail. Five kids die every day on average from abuse. Suddenly a maniac comes along and kills 27 people. Now people are making laws over it? Laws or no laws, when people die, people die. Laws will not save the lives of the many dead or being killed even as you read this.
If we outlaw gun protection from schools, sports events, etc., it provides perfect chances for people like the Connecticut killer. If there is no protection, then killers won’t be stopped. People have been killed by knives in the past. Why aren’t they being outlawed?
I believe that more people will be killed because of assault rifle bans. People won’t be able to defend themselves from intruders with illegal guns. This will cause more deaths and robberies. More gun control will be a huge mistake for this country and for the unprotected and innocent.
JACOB STUDEBAKER, student, Auburn