Reader input: Gun rights have no restrictions

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On the evening of March 28, there was a full house at The Ridge in Auburn during a tea party meeting with Sheriff Ed Bonner as guest speaker. He addressed gun control and the difficulties in getting a CCW (carry concealed weapon) permit. He also spoke of violent prisoners being released into our community.
We came to the meeting hoping to receive assurance that he would support our Constitution and our Second Amendment right to bear arms. We wanted to hear strong, bold statements that would assure us he would not support any new law that would take the citizens’ guns away. We were hoping to receive reassurance that he would, serve, protect and defend law-abiding citizens and our Constitution.
It seemed many people there wanted to hear Bonner say that he would not take guns away, even if laws were amended to do so. People seemed frustrated because of the difficulty in getting a CCW permit. There is at least a six-month wait after filing an application and many hoops to jump through.
Bonner’s reason was, “You must show good cause to carry a concealed weapon, such as being in danger or threatened and there is a long backlog of applications with not enough staff to process them.” Are we not all in danger when violent prisoners are being released due to overcrowded jails?
The Constitution states that we have the right to bear arms. It doesn’t say, we have the right to bear arms only if we are threatened, in danger, file an application, take a class, get a permit, have a mental evaluation, register our guns, have only certain types of guns, and have an official determine and approve our reason for wanting to carry one.
Criminals will always get guns, whether guns are legal or not, and we must have the right to defend ourselves.
We believe Sheriff Bonner took an oath to serve, protect and defend the people of Placer County and we’re sure he is doing his best. But danger can strike without a moment’s notice and victims may not have time to wait for help to arrive. We must have the right to protect ourselves without restrictions, especially when the state is releasing dangerous prisoners into law abiding communities.
John and Deborah Owen, Weimar