Reader Input: Hard to recycle in Meadow Vista

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Recycling is not an easy task in Meadow Vista. For years at our house, we have saved all of our plastic containers with a “1” or “2” on the bottom because they could be recycled.
Today I found out that they are just “garbage.” That was what I learned from the attendant at the transfer station in Meadow Vista. “Yup, unless they are clear plastic beverage bottles, they are just garbage.”
I wound up at the Meadow Vista Transfer Station as a last resort. Ten years ago, there was a recycler at the Meadow Vista market. They took all plastics with “1s” and “2s.” That business got sold and the next owner would only take milk containers. Sold again, the next owner decided to take only CRV containers.
For five people, we fill only one small trash container every week for our household garbage.
Now that our cat litter containers, milk jugs, salsa containers and yogurt containers are all just “garbage,” I suppose we will have to get one of those large containers so we can fill it up and add more recyclables to the landfill.  
I guess I could drive into the Auburn transfer station where they will take it all. Wait a minute, aren’t they managed by the same company as the Meadow Vista station? I think that Denmark is not the only place there is something rotten.
Bill Vogel, Meadow Vista