Reader Input: Help guide others from bullying ways

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Bullying has been going on since the world began, and whatever we do we can’t prevent it.
I will admit I have been bullied and I have bullied others, too, but it didn’t make things easier for me. I knew I had to stop because this isn’t helping me accomplish anything. Everywhere there is bullying: cyber bullying, physical bullying and verbal bullying. We can’t stop everything, but we can change the attitudes of others and lead them in the right direction.
If you see bullying going on:
Step 1, get an adult or teacher; try not to get involved or take things into your own hands.
Step 2, outnumber the bully. They won’t feel bigger if they think they’ll lose.
Step 3, tell the person to try and ignore the insults or just walk away, because the teachers or adult will take care of things.
We can stop bullying if we try hard enough, with more anti-bullying clubs, assemblies and counseling.
Stop things from happening. Be the bigger person. Help one another. If you’re being bullied, don’t be afraid to tell somebody; nothing can hurt if you let someone know. We can’t do most things in the world without help from others. Let the world know that bullying should stop; spread the word; if you’re bullying people just to be cool, it’s not!
You’re hurting people and you’re hurting yourself. It doesn’t make you smarter; it won’t help at all.
JENNA TRIBUR, student, Auburn