Reader Input: Help before it’s too late

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Aristotle once said that “the definition of insanity is doing something over and over and expecting different results.” After reading from the Associate Press about the suicide deaths in the military, I began to wonder: Why is it that we seem to be doing nothing to give our troops the help they need so that they don’t take their own life?
We devote all the time possible to train these brave soldiers to be combat efficient but, we, for some reason, seem to only give aid after severe damage has made its mark on these soldiers. Knowing that 578 troops have lost their lives in this war in 2012 is a hard and sad fact to face. Knowing that at least 349 of these deaths could have been prevented is a cold slap in the face. This should wake us up to realize this growing problem in our military that should be addressed immediately before more men and women decide to take their lives.
Colton Cots, student,  Rocklin