Reader Input: A holiday for helping others

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Every Christmas my family gets into the Christmas spirit at the beginning of the month. We put lights up on the trees outside and decorations in the house. My favorite holiday is Christmas, and I have been waiting all year to get into the Christmas spirit.
However, every year I enjoy a Christmas, I think about the kids that do not have so much. So, instead, this year I will see how I can make it enjoyable for them. I will take my Christmas money and spend it on presents for other kids and not on me.
Once I get some presents I will bring some Santa hats and Christmas decorations to the kids. In the past, I have been to a hospital in Sacramento that I can bring all of the presents to. I plan to see their faces light up and mine, too, by knowing I did the right thing. I went to the hospital and gave many presents to many kids.
I not only gave presents to the kids, I gave nonperishable foods to give them a special Christmas dinner. I felt really good to be giving them a good Christmas.
It really makes a difference knowing that someone is thinking of you and getting a present out of it. I think that it is better to give instead of to receive, and to always keep in mind that there are people really struggling.