Reader Input: Homeless zones inspire concern

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I am concerned about the idea of homeless zones in Auburn (“Commission OKs limiting year-round homeless shelters to industrial areas,” Journal, March 8).
In the 40 years I have lived in my home, twice I have found a homeless person sleeping in my backyard.
The first time he was asleep under a lilac bush. As I was leaving on an errand, I drove by the police station and asked them to remove him.
The second time I awoke to find a small tent with pillow, comb and miscellaneous items in the yard. The person was not around.
I called the police to come look before I put it all in the garbage.
On both occasions the police told me this was probably because we live near the railroad tracks. This is true, because we also see strangers walking by with backpacks.
Just because you create a zone, what makes you think they will stay there? And what would Union Pacific think of these people trespassing on their right-of-way?