Reader Input: Honor legal immigration

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Statement on immigration to the Archdiocese of Sacramento from Congressman Tom McClintock:
America is a nation of immigrants. With the singular exception of full-blooded Native Americans, we are all either immigrants ourselves or we are the sons and daughters of immigrants.
America’s motto is “E Pluribus Unum” – from many, one. From many nations we have created one great nation – the American nation.
This unique nation is made possible by the process of assimilation.  Unlike other nations, America’s immigration laws were not written to keep people out – they were written to assure that those who come here demonstrate a sincere desire to become Americans and to raise their children as Americans – to acquire a common language, a common culture, and a common appreciation of American Constitutional principles and American legal traditions.
Illegal immigration undermines the process of legal immigration that makes our nation of immigrants possible. If we allow illegal immigration, then legal immigration becomes pointless and the process of assimilation that it promotes and assures breaks down.
We should remember that millions of legal immigrants have taken that path to citizenship, have respected America’s sovereignty, have obeyed our laws, have done everything our country has asked of them, and have waited patiently in line to do so. It is not fair to allow millions of illegal immigrants to cut in line in front of them.
To those illegal immigrants seeking citizenship out of a sincere desire to become Americans, I welcome them and invite them to begin the process of legal immigration that has been followed by many millions of legal immigrants to America over the centuries.
Tom McClintock, Congressman, 4th District