Reader Input: Horsey shows compassion

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Dave (Horsey) was my principal/superintendent for seven years. We didn’t always agree on policies, but I would never characterize Dave Horsey as not being compassionate.
When he speaks of Placer Union High School District students, he refers to them as “his students.” His professional affection for every student in every classroom is readily apparent to those who have worked with him. He will unabashedly tear up when he speaks of a student’s success or of a student’s untimely death.
Dave Horsey is as compassionate as they come. A matter of fact, I am certain that Dave has compassion for you, Kathy Viera Hall, who obviously doesn’t “know this man” (“Can district transcend ‘bottom line’?”,   Reader Input, Feb. 20).
Steve Grundmeier, Sierra College part-time instructor, Auburn