Reader Input: How fair was Baltimore Ravine offer?

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What doesn’t seem to concern anyone in this whole Baltimore Ravine saga is not that the United Auburn Indian Community kept their ownership of the L.L.C. undisclosed in order to prevent the greedy property owners from inflating the price, but rather to allow their manager to avoid paying the previously agreed-upon price.
Not only did we feel that, due to our personal situations and fatigue from dealing with the manager for over five years, we had no option other than to accept a 50 percent payoff on our note, but the price had already been discounted 60 percent from that which was in our original agreement with Mr. (Stephen) Des Jardins.
Furthermore, we may have been intentionally misled in the process, if not by the tribe, at least by the manager of their L.L.C.
It’s true that we inherited the property from my father and Joe Chevreaux (both of whom were strong supporters of the community), so there are those who would say that we should be happy with whatever we got. And there are those of our advisers who said “business is business” and recommended we accept the offer. My only question is, was it fair?
Fred Merriam, Auburn