Reader input: It’s difficult to learn to let go

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The Colfax community was rocked with the suicide of a resident and dear friend recently.
Any death of one we care about touches us at a deep level. Grieving from a suicide is a special grief that can cause folks to question themselves, their beliefs, plus their actions or non-actions.
Suicide touched my life 23 years ago with the suicide of my younger son, John, when he was 21 years old. Plus, I have been dealing with depression for much of my own life.
However, with lots of spiritual strength, deep psychological healing work, and having the freedom to do my grieving process the way I needed to do it, I am strong today.
My message is this: We can inform ourselves of suicide and do what we can with love. Then, we must let go. I know from experience that many folks seriously considering suicide are very good at keeping their pain within the dark place deep inside themselves. And, they don’t want us to know what is in their minds.
In the end, it is their decision. So, it is not useful for those of us left behind to torment ourselves with “what ifs.” This may be one of the hardest letting go challenges you will ever face. But, for your own mental health, you must let go of self-judgment. And, know that whatever you did or didn’t do, it was all that you were able to do at the time. Bless yourself by letting go.

LindaLouise Haines, Colfax