Reader Input: It’s time to put the nation first

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Well, the debates are over and it’s almost to the finish line. The real important thing after the winner is announced is for each and every American to get behind the one who is selected as the president. This is the only way that will lead to any success.
We have four or five persons in our Congress that are just negative and non-productive. They only stifle the nation’s progress. They even stated from the onset in 2008 that their main or only goal was to destroy Obama.
While I respect free speech and understand politics, I can’t help but view these as verging on the edge of treason. Imagine how much the negative Congressman could have  accomplished if their goals were to benefit the nation and its people instead of playing little pouting, get-even games? With all of our nation’s problems they only wanted to  destroy Obama. Are they just stupid? Are they racists?
Do they even care about the nation? I was raised to respect and be supportive of the nation’s president no matter which party. I am retired from the U.S. Air Force and am proud to say that I always have and always will continue to do just that. I have to say that we now have too many who are “sheeple” that only follow the pot-stirrings of the cable and radio talk show troublemakers. Put the nation above all of the slime, for God’s sake!
Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn