Reader Input: Journal’s win is readers’ victory, too

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Congratulations to the Auburn Journal on winning the General Excellence Award last week from the California Newspaper Publishers Association. This is a significant achievement that the greater Auburn community should celebrate, like being named an All-American City, Tree City USA or an official bird sanctuary.
The General Excellence Award means Auburn is served by the best small daily newspaper in the state. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make that happen.
While the news staff might get the lion’s share of the credit, the sales staff sells ads that help local businesses succeed and create the space for compelling stories. The design teams build the paper and make sure the pieces fit. The press crew keeps a keen eye on print quality, and then hands it off to the carriers who deliver the Journal to your home.
What you receive every morning is a blend of good planning, hard work, a thousand decisions and dedication to serving Auburn with news and information it can’t get anyplace else.
A former high-level newspaper editor friend of mine once said a great newspaper is judged first by its readers and then by its peers. Auburn, take a moment to share in this award. It’s your victory, too.
Tony Hazarian, Roseville