Reader Input: Keep Auburn beautiful

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I would really like to see a stronger effort being put into keeping our streets and public areas free of litter. Some solutions would include an increase in garbage cans on high-traffic pedestrian corners, increase the number of ashtrays on trashcans and institute a plastic bag ban in the grocery stores.
Placing garbage cans and recycling bins on high-traffic pedestrian areas, i.e., near shopping centers, schools and parks, will encourage people to dispose of their waste. Let’s face it, people that litter are lazy; maybe making it easier for them will help them make the effort.
Cigarette butts are a huge litter problem. Placing ashtrays on the garbage cans will allow smokers to dispose of their cigarettes properly.
Many counties are joining in the growing trend of banning plastic bags in grocery stores. This trend is a great idea, as it will make people be more mindful about waste and eventually, hopefully, that mindfulness will spread to other areas of their lives involving recycling.
If everyone would make simple efforts to be more conscientious about disposing of their trash properly and recycling items in Auburn, as well as the world, we would be able to keep Auburn beautiful.
CAMERON PRUETT, student, Auburn