Reader Input: Keep climbers clear of quarry

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Re: “Auburn Quarry reopens to rock climbers today,” (Journal, Sept. 28).

The Auburn Quarry should not be open to rock climbers. There must have been a reason climbers were banned the first time. It’s likely someone got hurt the first time. It should be preserved and maintained as a recreational park and a museum.

Even if they maintain small bathrooms, garbage facilities and get money, they need insurance. What if a rock climber hooks onto a loose rock, falls down a huge cliff, and dies? The Quarry would be sued, money signs popping out everywhere, because that’s just the world we live in! I don’t think Auburn should be on the news about a rock climber dying.

Auburn Recreation said that they’re going to do a lot of safety inspection, etc. How much does that cost? There should be a vote in Placer County about whether or not to open the Auburn Quarry to rock climbers.

EVAN R. KEATING, student, Auburn