Reader input: Keep the money in North Auburn

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I attended the public hearing on April 9 on the sewer project, low turn out of SMD1 customers. (Journal. April 10) From attending the hearing and talking with the engineers here is the information. In 2012 SMD 1 had 65 employees. It collected $8 million from customers. $3.4 million plus for salary’s and wages and $2.3 million in operating costs and had $7 million in reserve.
If this project proceeds as set up the city of Lincoln will take over and own the sewer line and new pump station. Lincoln is not putting any money in this project. It is feasible to build a new plant in Auburn.
As set up now SMD1 will borrow money from the state and pay 30 years at 1.7 percent interest. Lincoln stands to make a lot of money if the customers fail to send in their letters of protest. It takes 50 percent plus one letter. Let’s keep our money in North Auburn.
George Costanich. Auburn