Reader Input: Laws, taxes not the solution

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Response to “Hold bicyclists to standards” letter to the editor printed March 20:
This is in response to Timothy Craig’s suggestion that bicyclists be licensed and purchase insurance for riding their bikes.
First, on behalf of myself, a member of the bicycling community, I disclaim any tolerance for bike riders who violate property owners’ rights to a safe and clean neighborhood.
As a member of the Sierra Foothills Cycling Club who has participated in numerous club rides, I can unequivocally state that I have never witnessed such behavior (cyclists relieving themselves in a residential area), nor would our ride leaders tolerate such an action.
Just like there are respectful citizens and not so respective citizens, so goes it with bicyclists. These rogue cyclists do not represent the cycling community.
Regarding the suggestion for a license and tax to ride a bike: Really? Are you proposing that we put port-a-potties on Jamestown Road or other public locations?
Just like you, our club members already pay to maintain roads and other services through property and sales taxes. When we have long club rides we make sure that public restrooms are available along the route.
There are enough taxes and laws on the books. Let’s rely on personal integrity, common sense and community spirit to solve this problem.
Dennis Bennett, Auburn