Reader Input: Let’s support ‘Small Business Saturday’

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The annual Small Business Saturday follows Black Friday this coming Saturday, Nov. 24.

In 2010 American Express co-founded the effort to encourage folks to do some of our holiday shopping in the small businesses in our communities.

The big box stores may have the glitz, but the small businesses have the personal touch and the specialty items.

So, let’s support our local small business owner and her store, which may be family-owned and operated. These folks may be your neighbors and your kids may go to school with their kids.

Plus, research shows that the dollars spent in our community and especially in those locally owned businesses get recirculated in our local communities at least six times, while they support local athletic teams and other community activities.

For example, here in Colfax, those local dollars help the Lions Club sponsor their annual Thanksgiving Eve community dinner. A big thanks, Lions!

So, please find out which small businesses are running specials on Small Business Saturday this Saturday.

And, even if a local small business isn’t running specials that day, shop there anyway. They need our support, and their customer service can’t be beat.

By the way, you can shop small businesses throughout the year, not just on a special Saturday. I will be.

LindaLouise Haines, Colfax