Reader Input: Let corpeople pay a BS tax

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The Bush-stacked Supreme Court decided corporations are people and have the same rights. Call them CORPEOPLE. Don’t regular people, therefore, have the same rights as corpeople?
Corpeople want only to burn California rice fields, belching tons of carcinogenic dust into the air every year. Regular people should not have to smog their cars and should be able to open-burn in their front yards, anytime. Corpeople avoid taxes through the oil depletion allowance loophole. Workers are depleted of their energy by working more and earning less, so they should pay no taxes ever, under the workers’ depletion mercy rule.
Corpeople litter the airwaves with commercials paid for by people who buy their products telling us how to live and how green Chevron is. They should pay a B.S. tax to fund people commercials explaining how corpeople poison us with their processed garbage food and other useless drugs.
Corpeople set up super-PACs to fund political campaigns people pay for when they buy their products. Part of peoples’ labor costs should include a slush fund deduction out of which people can bribe officials, too.
Corpeople get paid by the government not to produce crops, keeping the price of produce high. People should get two weeks off per month, with pay, to enjoy life. No one can replace them while they’re absent, keeping the price of labor high — seems fair and legal under the 14th Amendment which calls for equal protection under the law. What’s good for the corpeople should be good for the regular people.
Jim Beall, Sr., Loomis