Reader Input: Letter readers have final say

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While reading Harry Labrie’s letter to the editor, “Don’t publish ill-informed writers” (Reader Input, Feb 24), my thoughts were that possibly Harry is unaware of the online community.
For those of you who submit letters to the editor at the Auburn Journal, the online community has the final say on your letter. The comments online might be good, bad and/or indifferent. If one wants any response to one’s published letter (opinion), than be prepared for the online community response (comments/-opinions).
Harry’s letter basically promotes censorship and anti-First Amendment rights.
The opinion section of the Auburn Journal is just that —  opinion. The Auburn Journal prints a broad opinion-based letters not only from Auburn but from other communities. There is no requirement by the Auburn Journal that letter submitters must be informed, educated and/or have a degree in journalism.
I enjoy reading about 90 percent of the letters to the editor online daily. I also have the freedom to not read any individuals letters that are not my cup of tea. I appreciate the fact that the Auburn Journal does not discriminate letters from any and all who submit. I appreciate that the Auburn Journal does not promote censorship and anti-First Amendment rights.
Again, just a heads-up to anyone submitting a letter to the Auburn Journal: the online community will have the last say (opinions) in response to your letter. I encourage any and all in the community to continue submitting letters to the Auburn Journal no matter what one’s opinion is. It’s a good thing when any and all in the community are able to exercise their First Amendment right.
CHERIE HOLM, Meadow Vista