Reader Input: Lyme cases go underreported

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Thank you for printing in Friday’s paper Andy Lukkonen’s clever cartoon highlighting the danger of Lyme disease (Visual Viewpoint, Jan. 11). This is a good follow-up to Tuesday’s article about the subject (“Auburn woman aims to help solve Lyme ‘mystery,’” Journal, Jan. 8). Cartoons get even more attention than articles with photos. Hopefully this will bring even more awareness to Lyme disease.
I appreciate the Auburn Journal doing so much to spread the word about this dangerous tick-borne illness. There are vastly more cases in our area than are officially reported.
The two support groups in Auburn and Grass Valley have over 100 people on their email lists, and most of these have either been diagnosed with Lyme or have the symptoms and are yet to be diagnosed. Please, health professionals: Educate yourselves on Lyme —both the acute and chronic types. Lives can be saved if this insidious disease is diagnosed and treated in time.
Virginia Ward, Auburn