Reader Input: Lyme disease is unaccounted for

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This is to add to the previous letters regarding Lyme disease.
My son was bitten by a tick. We went to the doctor and he felt that is was suspicious enough to start antibiotic treatment. He said that getting Lyme disease would be extremely debilitating.
We had saved the tick as Placer County health lab told us to and we brought it to the lab thinking that the county would want to know about the suspicious ticks and tick bites. Well, I  was very wrong. They didn’t care at all.
They wanted $60 to test the tick, part of the fee was to identify it, otherwise it was just was not their business. I told her that my son was already being treated so it did not effect his health, we just thought that the county would want to know. They don’t. So my son was one of the cases of potential Lyme disease unaccounted for.
Jill Foley, Meadow Vista