Reader Input: Make parade a site to donate

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The light parade in Auburn is one of the favorite events that happens in this town. It comes about three weeks before Christmas day. It has over 100 floats and attracts over 1,500 people each year.
I like how there is always a theme. The light parade’s theme of 2012 was “The light in children’s eyes.” It’s nice to be different each year.
I think that we should have more charities involved. We should have barrels or containers around the area of the parade so people can donate canned food to the needy or for people who do not have homes.
I think that we could make a difference if we could have people bring food or money for those who need it the most.
It could really help out some family which needs a little Christmas joy.
Next year we should start having a donation (area) set up at the parade.
STEPHANIE KNOBLE, student, Auburn