Reader Input: Make room in garage for armed drone

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The founding fathers wanted us to have guns so the government could not become a dictatorship. With an arsenal in every house, they’d be afraid to infringe on our freedoms. This should be obvious to all you anti-American (anti-gun) softies out there.
And you can’t fight fire without equal firepower. So we should all have armed drones in the garage, ready to strike when we’ve finally had enough of Obama, and the revolution inevitably comes.
The founders couldn’t have imagined all the advances in weapons but would surely have approved of the people having them. So stock up on chemical grenades, biological cocktails, and, of course, nukes. I’m sure there’d be a lot less crime (like home invasions, for sure) if the criminals knew you all had trip mines in the hallways. They might occasionally blow gramma’s picture off the wall or send some shrapnel through the baby’s crib, but crime would go down.
And enough with the naysaying already… So you have a minuteman ICBM in the back yard ready to launch at D.C. at a moment’s notice. It’s only fair.  
Sure, there’ll be those of you ranting about all the nervous little paranoid fingers poised on the launch buttons.
Just remember: Nukes don’t kill people. People do.
Jim Beall, Sr., Loomis