Reader Input: McClintock repeating his party lines

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Congressman (Tom) McClintock’s recent letter to the Journal (“Read my lips,” Reader Input, Dec. 5) exemplifies how the GOP continues to spread misinformation about raising taxes for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans. 

Only someone like McClintock can say with a straight face that folks earning more than $200,000 per year “aren’t very wealthy.” His claim (copied from Speaker Boehner’s talking points) that studies by Ernst & Young and the Congressional Budget Office show that letting taxes on the wealthy return to the Clinton-era rates would “destroy 200,000 jobs” and throw 700,000 families out of work has been debunked as spurious and based on false assumptions, as revealed by the nonpartisan

As Factcheck points out, only 8 percent of small business owners make more than $200,000. You see, politicians like McClintock cannot come out and say we are here to serve only the interests of the biggest corporations and wealthiest Americans. So they resort to myths about making them pay more of their fair share of taxes would hurt “job creators” and “small businesses.”

Don’t buy it for a second.

Paul Berger, Auburn