Reader Input: Media should drop the stereotyping

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I wish the media would let go of this portrayal of (Barack) Obama as the representative of women and minorities and of (Mitt) Romney and Republicans as speaking for white males.

I am a middle-aged, affluent Anglo male and a supporter of Obama. Romney did not speak for me. I am repelled by the tea party and most evangelicals (as was Barry Goldwater!) and I am sad to see how they have hijacked the party of Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

I highly resent being lumped in with Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, Donald Trump and Karl Rove — as a male equivalent of Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman.

I believe that government has a vital role to play in making our country safe and a better place. I use and enjoy our national parks and interstate highways. I appreciate clean air and water and environmental protection, and I know that financial institutions need better regulation.

I see how tolerance and diversity have contributed to this nation’s greatness.

As a white male, I prefer the lovely spice cake of blacks and whites, browns and yellows, of gays and noisy students and uppity feminists over the white bread of the Romney-Mormons, or the homogenized bigotry of Ann Coulter and the Rev. James Dobson.