Reader Input: Middle class way too uppity

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On behalf of the great conservatives of Placer County, I wish to express my annoyance over these union radicals who beat down the poor billionaires at Raley’s and tied up our sacred shopping centers with picketers.

These workers have no business hanging on to such ridiculous, archaic novelties as affordable health care. Our good, non-complaining non-union workers’ wages and benefits continue to decline, so who do these guys think they are anyway?

Next thing you know, this stuff catches on, and the middle class rises up again and reclaims their so-called American Dream nonsense where workers make more money and we get taxed enough to balance the budget.

Or, even worse, revert back to the so-called “Happy Days” when a higher percentage was unionized and these idiots had more spending money to fuel the economy, longer vacations, shorter hours, only one spouse worked … yeeesh, I just can’t go on!

And the nerve to shoot down Proposition 32 which would have prevented these damn unions from contributing to political campaigns and promoting their greedy interests. That should only be for our blessed 1 percent who continue to buy any election they want without even identifying themselves.

At least we still got that!

Jim Beall, Sr., Weimar