Reader Input: Mind your tongue

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I am again amused by progressives and their interpretation of very simple language.
As citizens we have a “Bill of Rights.” These “Rights” serve to protect the natural rights of liberty and property. They guarantee a number of personal freedoms and limit the government’s power.
But it appears in many cases now that progressives see this document as a Bill of Needs. The Bill of Needs states only speech that is politically correct is allowed and we, the government, decide what your needs are.
In their haste to protect us all, progressives have now put the spotlight on the “mentally ill.” Now here comes the unintended consequences: Discuss politics with your doctor and use the wrong words and to avoid prosecution under the new government-run heath care, the doctor may turn you in as a patient who expresses a violent thought AKA mentally defective! This is all well and fine if you’re focusing on the Second Amendment but what are the consequences for the First Amendment?
Now in commenting on this letter, be careful. Express any violent thoughts and you may be deemed mentally defective!
John T. Nightingale, Auburn