Reader Input: More to helping than regulations

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I am not lawyer (Scott) Johnson, and I don’t own a dog!
Many of you have seen me crossing over the I-80 freeway on the Elm Street overpass, in my little red wheelchair, on my way to the CVS pharmacy or Save-Mart grocery store and have smiled and waved.
There are several businesses I frequent that I’m fairly certain aren’t completely, completely compliant with all the handicap regulations, and I have no problem with them whatsoever.
Once a month, I splurge on breakfast at a restaurant with the best food ever, that I fear to name, because of people like Scott Johnson, and I don’t want to make them a target. They have always gone out of their way to make me feel welcome, and make me feel like I’m a regular person.
I think they know who they are, and they are the greatest people!
So, don’t look away, go ahead and wave and smile. I promise to wave and smile back.
And, oh yeah, my cat doesn’t bark! Happy holidays, Auburn.