Reader Input: Nesbitt gives of himself

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Keith Nesbitt is the right choice for Auburn City Council.  Keith leads by example. If you love Auburn, get out there and vote for Keith! As his late wife lost her battle with cancer, she told him to “make every minute count.”
Why Keith? I met Keith last December, right before he took office as the Mayor of Auburn. I was touched when Keith gave up half his term to Councilman Kevin Hanley. It was a selfless act. I feel sorry for Gary Moffat.
Keith Nesbitt makes the time! That’s what you do when you believe in your city and you’ve made the commitment of your time. It just goes to show you, Gary is unable to recognize an unselfish act when he sees one. He chooses to focus on an old issue, Measure A.
As Keith said, “The people have spoken; the measure was defeated and now it’s time to get back to work.” Measure A is old news and Gary is trying to keep that news alive to unseat one of the incumbents. Keith gives the City of Auburn so much of himself and he brings a wealth of experience to the council. Please vote for Keith!