Reader Input: New animal shelter needed

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The current shelter is more than 40 years old and less than 10,000 square-feet. The floors are cracked and in need of repair. Dogs are locked up in kennels without outdoor runs or exposure to fresh air or sunshine.
Some dogs get depressed and withdraw. Others start barking constantly. Both make these dogs less adoptable.
The current shelter does not have surgery facilities, meaning that many animals that could have been saved and adopted must be euthanized instead.
Nearly everyone agrees that we need a new shelter. The problem that people have is with the cost.
The new shelter would be 35,000 square-feet and have a surgery center. That is part of the reason for the $23.6 million  cost.
Mike Winters, who runs the current shelter, says that “the surgery area is like a human surgery area to some degree. We have to have certain air exchanges and protocols that go on to keep things very clean and sanitary for doing the surgeries.” The new shelter will also have sloping floors and cages with individual drainage systems.
The Placer County Board of Supervisors had concerns about the costs, but after questioning those in charge of the project, the board voted unanimously to move forward and start accepting bids to build the new facility.
AMBER ACOSTA, student, Auburn