Reader Input: New city hall attitude lacking

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At last Wednesday’s (Colfax) council meeting, city staff started the year and the new council off with their first secret vote. During the closed session, they voted (3-2) to lien Sierra Vista Community Center for disputed sewer charges (“City to file lien against Sierra Vista Community Center.”)
However, SVC was not listed on the topics to be discussed during closed session.
I doubt that all of the council was even aware that staff was going to present them with the issue.
I know what occurred because the action and vote were reported when the council reconvened in open session.
Many people were hoping for a new attitude from city hall after the election.
Starting with conducting the people’s business in the open, a willingness to communicate and to avoid as the ethics codes say, even the appearance of impropriety.
If the council wants to lien the community center they should at least have the courage and integrity to do it in public.
It seems to me that the city manager was sending a message to the community and some of the new council members that it’s going to be business as usual and we prefer to conduct it behind closed doors.
Elizabeth Armando, Colfax