Reader Input: No words to describe family’s gratitude

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Last week our only child (adult) was missing in King’s Beach. It was a few days before Christmas and he had uncharacteristically not responded to urgent calls or emails regarding his intended visit home for the holidays. We live two and a half hours away and a series of snowstorms was closing in on Lake Tahoe.
Two Placer County search and rescue parties, police and local volunteers quickly began canvassing the beaches, woods and neighborhoods on Friday before Christmas — in the snowy, freezing, windy weather — while my husband and I felt useless and terrified. There are no words to describe our fears, or our gratitude to each and every single selfless person who gave up holiday time with their own families to help ours. We are so thankful to you all!
Sergeant G.O. is my own personal hero. He talked to me on his cell phone as he went door to door. He called with updates and there was sincere concern in his voice. He gave me a direct line to call after-hours. I felt like we had a friend in law enforcement who genuinely cared about our son’s survival.
Sgt. Long and Deputy Powers were also exceptionally supportive, concerned and obviously dedicated to the fortunate residents of Placer County, as were the many amazing volunteers.
Our son “turned up” unharmed and unaware that he was considered “missing” by his friends and family. Naturally, there was elation — and frustration at causing such trouble to so many.
Our sincerest apologizes and our most profound appreciation to everyone who so generously gave of their hearts and time to support a fellow resident and his frightened parents. What an extraordinary community you have. “Thank you” are small words for our big emotions.
Sherry and Joe Marine, Sutter Creek